The Performers of voix (nouvelle)

Helen Giffrow

A passionate believer in the power of music to communicate, transform, cross cultures, and bring people together in community, Helen is interested in bridging the gap between “performer” and “audience” whenever possible. Helen’s first love has always been singing, but she also enjoys experimenting with and collecting any instrument she can get her hands on. In more recent times, she has enjoyed playing in various community percussion ensembles, including Zimbabwean marimba and Moroccan drumming. Currently a psychotherapist in private practice, Helen recently underwent training to facilitate group music with memory care residents, which has been immensely rewarding.

Lorna Kohler

Lorna Kohler delights in exploring the intersection of different art forms and the journey from reflection to expression. As well as teaching music and dance to thousands of students of all ages, Lorna has created or contributed to numerous collaborative performances, drawing on her extensive training in music and dance and her experience as singer/songwriter and performance artist. She is passionate about art as a regenerative process, through which we connect with the deep dreams each of us are carrying in our hearts and the gestures of life, unfolding all around us. She plays oboe and English horn in three orchestras, teaches music at her studio on a ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and is vocal director for the Theatre in the Mountains production of Sleeping Beauty.

Lalu Simcik

Lalu Simcik is a singer and dancer who lives on the bridge between the lands of art and science. His vocal training began with Jean-Luc Yerlès, and he has since learned much more about his own voice and choral practice with voix (nouvelle). He is an Axis Syllabus movement instructor and improviser of Amerta Movement with Suprapto Suryodharmo, Solo, Java.

Michael Logue

Michael Logue has been a involved in the music making heart of Santa Cruz for over 30 years. In that time he has been blessed to find his calling as a sound healer. His greatest joy is found in holding space for the spontaneous creation of music in support of the Spirit and sharing this passion with his daughter.

Michaelyn Logue

"I have been a student of music as long as I can remember. My interest started early on, accompanying my father at his many performances and then joining him in the Santa Cruz Chorale for a number of years. I went on to get my associates in music from Cabrillo. Music is a powerful tool, it is magic, and medicine. I am honored to be able to explore it with voix (nouvelle) and share it with you."

Nayantara Jain

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Nayantara Jain is a classical pianist, lecturer, and teacher of children. She has given performances in France, Italy, India, New York, Oregon, and all over the Bay Area, and has received acclaim for her emotionally vivid interpretations and depth of tone. Nayantara has performed with the Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra, the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, the Stanford Youth Orchestra, and the San Francisco Conservatory Baroque Ensemble. Her recent festival appearances include 24 by 24, a 2018 concert series of the complete Well Tempered Clavier, played by 24 different pianists; the Hot Air Music Festival in 2017; and the Brancaleoni International Music Festival in 2016. She also frequently plays jazz at various venues in San Francisco.

Nayantara is a fervent enthusiast of harmony and ear training, and works as a musicianship lecturer at Cogswell Polytechnical College, San Jose, and a piano and improvisation teacher at her studio Happy Leaf Piano, San Bruno. In 2018, she founded and teaches at CFAN Yoga, a gentle community yoga program at Christ for All Nations Church, San Francisco (where she also performs at Sunday services).

Nayantara has studied piano with Corey McVicar, Kumaran Arul and Nina Svetlanova, composition with Erik Ulman, and theory with George Barth, Erika Arulanantham and David Loeb. She holds a master's degree in Piano Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and has previously studied at Mannes College of Music, New York, and at Stanford University, where she completed her bachelor's degree with honours.

Timothy Duncan

Timothy Duncan is a vocal performer, composer, poet and visual artist. He works in a number of musical and artistic genres and media, of which the vocal music and poetry of voix (nouvelle) is just one. He also is an educator, holding the position of Professor of Audio & Music Technology at Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose. He proudly serves as a member of the Board of Directors at The 418 Project in Santa Cruz, CA.